Annual Conference

Our annual conference ("international congress") is held over a five or six day period. The host nation sets the theme for the lectures and each of the six branches provides a speaker. The lectures are usually in English, but if not, translation is provided. Each of the six branches also brings along a traditional entertainer from their country for informal entertainment and a more formal concert. Excursions and visits also form part of the Conference. For language enthusiasts there is an opportunity to hear and try out the other Celtic languages.

Pwysig / Important: Gwybodaeth Coronavirus Information 2020

Aberystwyth, Cymru / Wales 2020

Theme: Sut i Lwyddo fel Celtiaid yn y Byd Busnes Cyfoes  |  How to be Successfully Celtic in the Modern Business World
Dates: EVENT CANCELLED - see the Coronavirus Information in the link above 


Newquay, Kernow / Cornwall 2019

Theme: Recording our past to help inform our future /
Recordya agan Termyn Eus Passyes rag cussulya agan Termyn Alemma Rag
Dates: Thursday, 25 April - Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Venue: Hotel Bristol, Newquay, Cornwall
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Kemper, Breizh / Quimper, Brittany 2018

Theme: What do social media contribute to the revival and/or survival of the Celtic languages?
Dates: 16 July - 21 July 2018
Venue: Lycée Le Likès, 20 Place de la Tourbie, 29000 Quimper, France
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Peairt / Perth, Scotland 2017

Theme: The Musical Traditions of our Celtic Nations
Dates: 17 July - 22 July 2017
Venue: The Mercure Hotel, West Mill Street, Peairt / Perth
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Doolish / Douglas, Isle of Man 2016

Theme: The inclusion of Celtic History and Culture in the School Curriculum
Dates: 31 March - 5 April 2016
Venue: Empress Hotel, Central Promenade, Doolish / Douglas

Ros Ó gCairbre / Rosscarbery, County Cork, Ireland 2015

Theme: What is national freedom?
Dates: 20 - 25 July 2015
Celtic Ross Hotel, Ros Ó gCairbre / Rosscarbery, County Cork